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The most comprehensive HPV Genital & Anal Warts Treatment Center in the Nation 

                                          TEL: 323-231-6000                                               

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"Treatment of genital and anal warts is challenging art work.                                   

They are stubborn and they don't go away easily. We have treated many of them in the past with a high success rate and excellent outcomes. It demands clinical experience and skill.  We take them off your body one after the other." 

Dr. Arani, M.D.





                                                               Dr. Arani Was Just Chosen as

                                                              "Top America Physician" in 2007                                                   

 Walk in today, and walk out warts free, all in same day


Welcome to Dr. Arani's Clinic web site for Anogenital wart treatment. Upon consultation, we will

evaluate you and will customize your diagnostic and treatment plan. Most of our patients get treated in only 1 session on the same day.


                              ........ U  P  D  A  T  E ........

[We have seen numerous cases of patients who were victims of marketed remedies for warts. We strongly

advice against these applications. You will risk the worsening of your condition and facing giant

grape/cauliflower shape warts or an increasing number of them in a short period of time. HPV warts

and Molluscum are infectious medical conditions and they need to be treated by an experienced Physician only.] 

There is no over the counter FDA approved product (such as freezing devices or adhesives or chemicals)

available for self treatment. Freezing away products are for plantar and common warts and absolutely

not for genital warts. It may damage genital skin and may worsen the HPV genital wart and its transmission. 

TCA or other acid would kill your cells, absolutely not recommended that you try it on your body, once you

apply you can not withdrawal.

Trichloroacetic acid (also known as TCA) which is an analogue of acetic acid  in which the three hydrogens of the methyl group have been

 replaced by chlorine.  It is a strong acid, comparable to sulfuric acid.

Salicylic acid    




HPV: It stands for Human Papilloma Virus. It is considered a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

It is responsible for genital and anal warts. There is no FDA approved HPV test for males

to this date. After the eradication of warts there is no way to determine if a patient is HPV

free nor is there a way to guarantee the removal of the virus. In other words, an experienced clinician

may destroy and treat specific genital warts in one or more attempts but he or she can not assure

that the patient will not get new warts some place else. The behavior of this virus depends on many

variable such as the strength of a patient's immune system, whether or not the patient is a smoker, or the

level of aggression of his or her's HPV. We answer all of these questions in your visit.  


What is a genital wart ? Visible genital warts usually are caused by HPV types 6 or 11. HPV is a virus, the wart is

the outcome, but remember not every growth on the genital area is a genital wart caused by HPV. It must be diagnosed

by your medical doctor only.

HPV is very common in sexually active men and women and can sometimes have serious health consequences.

About 20 million Americans are currently infected, and about 5.5 million people become newly infected each year.

The virus can infect the genital skin and the linings of the vagina, cervix, rectum, and urethra


What is an anal wart ? It is similar to a genital wart but it involves the anus. The genital wart area could be extended

to the anus. Both homosexual and heterosexual individuals are at risk. 


Diagnosis :  Not every growth on the genitalia is a genital wart by HPV. It must be diagnosed by an experienced medical

doctor only. Diagnosis could be confirmed by a biopsy as well. We provide a diagnostic service after initial consultation

and evaluation. Sometimes this occurs on the same day if a patient is coming to our center from a long distance. There is

a HPV test for females with some element of typing. If the HPV causes visible genital skin growth, then the doctor examination

is the most important factor.


Visible STD,  Genital Warts Psychology

Many patients with genital warts have anxiety, worry, and feel guilty or unclean. Some are afraid that they

will be asked by their sexual partner about their visible genital wart. Needless to say, the majority of our patients

have obsessed about their genital wart for weeks, months or even years as repetitive treatment has proven

to be a failure in the past. Their obsession to overcome this challenging battle could make them try

alternative methods. Self manipulation and destruction with sharp objects, freezing, remedies, internet

creams, various acid, tea tree oil or silver compounds application with undesirable effect are very common.

As genital warts increase in intensity, size and number, the feeling of failure can continue to impact the

patient psychology. We understand the difficult circumstances surrounding genital warts.

The first step to removing the psychological impact is to remove these visible STDs successfully.


Cosmetic Concern: Most of the infected genital wart patients are anxious about the cosmetic aspect of their

genital wart. Nobody likes to have disfiguring growth specially on his/her genitalia. Many patients worry

about explaining their genital wart when meeting new partners. Genital warts are noticeable and

not avoidable. It is the most common sexually transmitted disease and we understand the psychological aspect

of this disfiguring infection. We always keep the cosmetic of genitalia in mind while treating these difficult lesions.


Location of Wart: This effects both females and males. In addition to the scrotum, the penis, vulva, 

perineum, and perianal skin, genital warts can also occur on the cervix, uterine and in the vagina, urethra, anus,

and mouth. Intra-anal warts are seen predominantly in patients who have had receptive anal intercourse; Anoscopy

or anal pap smears might be needed for these patients. These warts are distinct from perianal warts, which can

occur in both men and women who have never had anal sex. We diagnose and treat most of those external wart.


How about Condoms? Although condom use is a must it unfortunately does not protect you totally

from genital warts. Condoms provide protection above the base of the penis but does not provide protection for

your penile base (where there is no condom coverage), pubic area and scrotum area. Many patients

have their original genital warts in those areas but the disease can spread to the penile shaft later.

According to CDC • While available scientific evidence suggests that the effect of condoms in preventing HPV infection

is unknown, condom use has been associated with lower rates of the HPV-associated diseases of genital warts and cervical cancer.

The available scientific evidence is not sufficient to recommend condoms as a primary prevention strategy for the prevention of genital

HPV infection, but it does indicate that the use of condoms may reduce the risk of cervical cancer.

"The available scientific evidence is not sufficient to recommend condoms as a primary prevention strategy for the prevention of genital

HPV infection. There is evidence that indicates that the use of condoms may reduce the risk of cervical cancer."


Double stranded Human Papilloma Virus enters the skin and passes its DNA to the proliferative layer of the skin genome and,

as a result, undesirable proliferations will occur which appear as warts. Inoculation without manifestation of warts may take

from a week to 18 months or more. It means you may have been infected with HPV but won't develop a visible wart until

a much later time. This is the reason why we ask our patients to return to the clinic for a re-evaluation after 6 months

and 2 years to make sure that they don't have a new wart. Some individuals are naturally resistant to HPV viruses and don't

become infected as easily as others. HPV warts is a contagious infection and spread easier by manipulation such as scratching.


So what about treatment? 

There are many different treatment approaches available for genital warts. All it comes to doctor experience. We approach each genital   

wart differently. There is no easy way out, there is no pills or self spray you could use to eliminate them. We look at them

carefully one by one, how big they are, what thickness they have, their location, the color ( if pathology needed), if previously treated,

associated with scar or not, how old are them, rapidly growing or slow rate of growth ...etc

Needless to say, we certainly not enter our patient exam room with liquid nitrogen canister in hand to spray every single

wart in 2 min ! regardless of nature and location of genital wart. Based on Dr. Arani's personal clinical

experience cream is not very effective for prominent wart, although he would definitely not recommend Non-FDA approved creams at

all on genital wart. You could irritate the wart and facilitate the viral transmission. We have seen cases

of local complications, where some of these creams contain peeling acid such as glycolic acid (ingredient used

for skin peeling in cosmetic cream) and for marketing purposes they try to sell them for genital wart 

treatment. Genital warts is a medical condition and must be treated by a physician only. Our approach for treatment 

might be different from person to person. It depends on location, size, and quantity of warts. Our goal of treatment

of genital warts is a

"One Time Treatment for Each individual wart"

If you have been treated in the past for your genital warts you will most likely understand the above statement easier.

We frequently see patients with multiple treatments of their warts with significant relapse rates. Our goal

 is to treat genital warts with no relapses on the treatment site. We have had a very high success rate to reach that goal.

Please take your time and look at some of following before and after pictures.

warts in our center.  We have many more pictures availble to you upon your request by our center. 


Treatment session

As majority of our patients come to our center from far distances therefore it is our goal to try to limit your treatment session in one visit.If you have numerous warts or extensive anal warts then we might need to divide your treatment visits.


Laser Treatment with high relapse rate

Laser is a device that recently been used by different health provider for treatment of genital wart. Laser intensity and depth

of penetration is pre set. This is the reason that many patient with laser therapy have high relapse rate of recurrence of genital wart.

The depth of genital wart is not even and equal, so laser will not completely destruct the wart. Once again destruction of genital wart

is very challenging and each individual wart needs different attention and not unique routine procedure for all.



Partial Treatment Of Genital Wart

Treatment of genital warts should be complete and you should not leave any wart behind.

After you have completed your treatment, you should go back to your doctor in about 6 months (depends on

your doctor's decision) for re-evaluation to see if there is any new wart to be eradicated ASAP.


Reconstructive Genital Wart Treatment Area

The majority of our patients come to our center after having had a variety of different treatments in the past with relapses and scar

development. We primarily approach these cases with micro-scissor excision and in some cases partial scar revision. Our minor

micro-surgical procedure approach is completely painless.


What CDC recommend:

According to Center of Disease Control, the treatment of genital warts should be "guided by the preference of these  patient, the

available resources, and the experience of the health-care provider".

1) Preference of patients : We always discuss the treatment plan with the patient before a procedure

2)Available resource : Our clinic is not only equipped with freezing device. We have wide range of modalities and equipment for

 genital treatment to choose from

Surgical removal  tangential scissor excision or tangential shave excision
Electro surgery cautrey
Infra red
Thermal cautery

Cryotherapy device (freezing)


3) Health care provider experience: Dr. Arani has treated many patients with genital warts - patient happiness is our ultimate goal.vj



High risk HPV Causing Cancer:  


"Of greatest importance, persistent infection with certain types of HPV is a leading cause of cervical cancer. Progression from cervical

cancer precursor lesions to invasive cancer is a slow process, estimated to take 10–15 years. Cervical cancer is an uncommon consequence

of HPV infection in women, especially if they are screened for cancer regularly with Pap tests and have appropriate follow-up of abnormalities.

The purpose of screening with the Pap test is to detect cervical abnormalities that can be treated, thereby preventing progression to invasive

cervical cancer, and also to detect invasive cervical cancer at a very early stage. If detected early and managed promptly, survival rates for

cervical cancer are over 90%. In the past 40 years, widespread cervical cancer screening using the Pap test and treatment of precancerous

cervical abnormalities have resulted in a dramatic decrease in the incidence and mortality due to cervical cancer in the United States.

However, each year in the United States, an estimated 12,200 women develop cervical cancer and 4,100 women die from it. Of women in

the United States who develop cervical cancer, about half have never had a Pap test. Because genital HPV infection is most common in men

and women who have had multiple sex partners, abstaining from sexual activity (i.e. refraining from any genital contact with another individual)

 is the surest way to prevent infection. For those who choose to be sexually active, a monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner is the

strategy most likely to prevent future genital HPV infections. For those who choose to be sexually active but who are not in a monogamous

relationship, reducing the number of sexual partners and choosing a partner less likely to be infected may reduce the risk of genital HPV infection."


Overseas and out of state patient accommodation

We have many patients that come to us from long distances. Please find the following nearby hotel for your accommodation.

Please call us in advance in order to expedite treatment and diagnostic services before you arrive.


 Out of state patient may accommodate in the nearby Radisson Hotel

                                           3540 South Figueroa Street , Los Angeles California 90007
                                           Reservations: (888) 201-1718 US Toll Free



HPV vaccine : The FDA approved this vaccine, made by Merck for girls and women between the ages of 9 and 26, in order

to help prevent cervical cancer. This vaccine is intended for prevention and not treatment for females in the above age range.

This vaccine has not been approved for males. Please call for confirmation of availability prior to coming to our center. Again

this vaccine is not for treatment and is only intended for prevention of (HPV) (types 6, 11, 16, 18) for female age 9-26 only.


Will HPV Vaccine help me if I already have HPV? According to the vaccine insert: Yes, you may get a benefit from the vaccine if you already have HPV. This is because many people are non infected with all 4 types of HPV which are contained in the vaccine. In clinical trials, individuals with current or past infections with one or more vaccine-related HPV types prior to vaccination were protected from diseases caused by the remaining vaccine HPV types. HPV Vaccine is not intended to be used for treatment for the above mentioned diseases. Talk to your health care professional for more information.                                                                                                                 


      Before & After Pictures   
















How about Internet remedies/creams/solutions/ointments?

There are many of these available online.We mostly know of these products through our patients and their unpleasant experiences. 

These products cause adverse and undesirable effects. They irritate and stimulate viral shedding which would increase the number

of warts. Scars, loss of skin, and increasing size of warts are very common as well. If this happens then returning the product

("100% guaranteed") will not fix the damage and your real loss is your health - not your money. Read the following FDA guideline

and be careful especially when it comes to your sensitive genital organ. 


       Examples of adverse reaction with self treatment , Internet remedies and cream application




According to Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

“Be Suspicious"

Promoters of fraudulent health-care products often use similar claims and practices to lure consumers into buying their goods. The FTC and

FDA advise consumers to be suspicious of:

Claims that the product is "natural" or "non-toxic," suggesting it does not have side effects. "Natural" or "non-toxic" does not

necessarily mean safe. Some "natural" supplements contain potent stimulants; others can result in negative interactions with

medicines. Testimonials from people who claim amazing results. Testimonials often are undocumented and are not a substitute

for scientific proof. Claims that a product is a "scientific breakthrough," "miraculous cure," "secret ingredient" or"ancient remedy."

Claims that the product is an effective cure for a wide range of ailments. Claims that use impressive-sounding medical terms. Claims

that the product is available from only one source, and payment is required in advance. Claims of a "money-back" guarantee.

Web sites that fail to list the company's name, physical address, phone number or other contact


How to spot health fraud:

Example of warning letter for Silver product                                                                                                           



Summary of Strategies to Prevent Genital HPV Infection

According to the Center of Disease Control

Based on currently available science, the following recommendations summarize the strategies most likely to be effective in preventing

future infections with genital HPV infection and cervical cancer.

• The surest way to eliminate the risk for future genital HPV infections is to refrain from any genital contact with another individual.


• For those who choose to be sexually active, a long-term, mutually monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner is the strategy

most likely to prevent future genital HPV infections. However, it is difficult to determine whether a partner who has been sexually active

 in the past is currently infected.


• For those choosing to be sexually active and who are not in long-term mutually monogamous relationships, reducing the number of

 sexual partners and choosing a partner less likely to be infected may reduce the risk of genital HPV infection. Partners less likely to

be infected include those who have had no or few prior sex partners.


• While available scientific evidence suggests that the effect of condoms in preventing HPV infection is unknown, condom use has

been associated with lower rates of the HPV-associated diseases of genital warts and cervical cancer. The available scientific evidence

is not sufficient to recommend condoms as a primary prevention strategy for the prevention of genital HPV infection, but it does indicate

 that the use of condoms may reduce the risk of cervical cancer.


• Regular cervical cancer screening for all sexually active women and treatment of precancerous lesions remains the key strategy to prevent

cervical cancer.



• In the future, receiving a safe and effective HPV vaccine to help prevent genital HPV infection as well as the HPV-associated diseases

 of genital warts and cervical cancer would be an important prevention measure. However, an effective HPV vaccine would not replace

other prevention strategies.





                    We are open Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM & Saturday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
                                             (323) 231-6000 

                                                             Welcome Walk-in

                       4524 S San Pedro Place

                                   Los Angeles, CA 90011



(The following patients were seen recently in our clinic, and are just some of the numerous examples of similar praises)


"I was treated for genital wart for years without success as they always came back,  I am glad to find the clinic, I am very happy that I got rid of them finally"

confidential patient Studio City, CA 

" I used special advertised oil and my wart went out of control and became giant till Dr. Arani helped me to remove them"

Confidential Patient Long Beach, CA

" I talked with a number of doctors around, finally deciding on Dr. Arani. he performed the surgery and everything went very well, without complications.

My recovery was swift and relatively pain free. I'm very pleased with the outcome to date and very satisfied with my experience with him. He tells you exactly

what will happen, what to expect, and why..."

Yahoo publish

"I wish I had gone to Dr Arani 2 years earlier , after all  my anal wart has gone away by his marvelous technique"

From San Diego

"....When I am looking at the area I can't even recall  where I had those ugly warts, amazing cosmetic outcome...." 

Tuscan, Arizona

I Freezed them, lazer them, put acid on them, put all kind of cream, At last Arani took them off in 15 min....

New York




Some of above information was obtaied from CDC as well as our clinical experience regarding HPV genital warts

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